Culturesmith is Brandon WilliamsCraig and associated partners, students, and clients. Welcome to our online office and lab where we work with the mythologies and psychologies that shape our world.

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Our Online Learning programs are an invitation to pursue original work, or supplement your learning with other institutions, using the materials on this site with varying degrees of instruction. Increase your understanding of the Archetypal elements of culture-making and expand your capacity to work through complexity and conflict in your professional and personal life. For instance, several student-clients have developed and completed senior projects and dissertations with our editorial and project management support.

Leaders in executive and management roles, for instance, gather items of interest they find here and then review related materials they didn't know were available, writing and interacting with us to deepen their study, define areas of interest, and continuously develop their professional skill set.

Apprentices most often complete their internationally recognized black belts in Aikido 2.0 and become colleagues in Martial Nonviolence, as well as paid Peace Practices instructors.


From Pre-K education through lifelong learning, we believe you should learn and practice Conflict Done Well--the single most important missing skill set for our survival as a species.

Those who practice aikido will recall its mandate and promise to change how conflict works globally. We need an Aikido 2.0 to make that real by training verbal and psychological skills on the mat with every technique. Those who want their skills to to be truly ready for real life will then need improvisation and facilitation instruction to practice Martial Nonviolence every day with family, colleagues, and the groups from which our society is constructed. Curricula designed for particular groups are called Peace Practices. The whole system and movement is called Conflict Done Well.

"Professional Materials" refers to documentation that will orient you to Brandon WilliamsCraig Ph.D., our principal, who originated Culturesmith.


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