Young, old, tall, short, physically gifted or not so much, aikido is at this moment helping more than one million people around the world improve their balance (physical and emotional), take the danger out of falling (literal and metaphorical), and learn to do conflict of all kinds well. This was the vision of founder, Morihei Ueshiba (pictured here) and is now in progress in and beyond dojos around the world.


Aikido is an effective martial art, as well as a somatic awakening and trauma recovery practice known around the world as the Art of Peace because firm gentleness in conflict can be taught from the very first lesson and in every techinque. This practice may be learned by young children and continued into extreme old age and, when extended beyond the dojo and into daily life, suggests principles which can transform everyday conflicts into learning opportunities where nobody becomes a victim and justice without retribution becomes not only possible but practicable.





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