Pay For My Support

When a culture normalizes advertising in all forms of contact, and then makes money and speech equivalent, we learn to want to be paid somehow before expressing approbation.

"I am pushed to wear and drive brands around, making money for some mega-corp by getting eyeballs on their brand 24x7. I'm not going to Like that dude's stuff in public. What's in it for me?"

Support becomes transactional, something we are less likely to provide each other without some squid pro quo (no offense to cephalopods everywhere).

I am a person. Help me do more because my work is good and can make our world a better place.

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Makes me think of Citizen's United. In the context where advertising is crammed into every cranny of your psyche, money is speech. Worse, the Little Gal's (Guy's) efforts to do good work and make a living, especially doing something new, can't get "heard" or seen because it doesn't already glisten with wealth.

Brandon WilliamsCraig.....2021-03-08 22:12:42 UTC