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I exist. Also, I am at least in part a human being. Recently I have been talking with my soul, inspired in part by the relationship between people and their companions (? I forget the term) in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.


I'm here in part because I am very involved in the development of Wagn (the software running this site), and even moreso because of my deep interest in Process Arts. For more about me, see my page on the Wagn site, or my own Wagn, or


Please remember that using this site constitutes an agreement to hold its original contents as confidential &/or proprietary. This is doubly true for those with special status/roles, such as Administrators, CB (Community Building), and Practice (students of mine). These and other status ratings give access to private information which I trust you to help me keep private. If you cannot keep this agreement in good conscience, please let me know right away so we can discuss the issue. Please feel free to remove this notice after you have read it to indicate your understanding. --Brandon

I've read it, and have a few questions. Did I do something in this regard that didn't work for you? Do I understand correctly that regarding confidentiality you're asking me to not share content from any non-publicly-readable cards with anyone? Would you explain what you are asking vis a vis "proprietary" ? (If anything beyond the above.) --John

Thanks for asking. No, you haven't done anything I found worrying. On the contrary. This language is meant to open conversations with folks in general so that they will err on the side of 1) not making private page content public, 2) referring people to a public page here rather than copying and pasting the idea elsewhere as their own contribution, and 3) generally observe a standard of care that begins with the consideration that I need to continue making my living with ideas formulated here. At base, it begins a conversation so that the actual complexity of navigating these issues has a chance to deepen enough that it can truly function beyond normative rule-making. --Brandon

Thanks. So I gather that the answer to my second question is "yes", and to my third question is something like, "If you want to share ideas here elsewhere, I ask that you point people here rather than copy & paste, and in any case would love to have a conversation with you about the idea and how it's being shared." Do I got it?


Also, note that currently there is no obvious way for people to know which cards they can only see due to their role. Put your two cents in favor of if you want to hasten the day this is possible.

All over it. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any feature you know of in the works that would provide a floating format/edit/save/cancel bar instead of having to drag up and down all the time to work with a page?

Not yet. But see


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