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Epworth welcomes people of all races, ages, and sexual orientations. At Epworth you'll find babes in arms, seniors in walkers, teens and singles, and the rich diversity of families that make up the Bay Area.

We support our community and each other, and we extend our support to others in need. In worship we sing joyfully, renew our spiritual well-being, and explore our faith with intellectual depth.

Our mission is to come together to worship, to study, and to live God's love so that we strengthen our Christian faith, develop a creative, supportive community, and encourage each other in our many ministries.

We seek to share God's love by reaching out to the global community and by supporting justice for all people, as we meet needs together in a changing world.

We affirm our United Methodist heritage, celebrate diversity, and strive to be an inclusive church.

Welcome to Epworth — a church that's big enough to make a difference and small enough to feel like home.


Of Note

Here is a sound recording of a festival of Sacred Music and Texts by Gay and Lesbian Composers and Poets hosted by Epworth on June 13th, 2010. Source file hosting thanks to Archive.org


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