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Joseph Campbell wrote that
"mythologies are in fact the public dreams that move and shape societies, and conversely one's own dreams are the little myths of the private gods, antigods, and guardian powers that are moving and shaping oneself: revelations of the actual fears, desires, aims, and values by which one's life is subliminally ordered.”
Would you like to know how that works? How the private and public extensions of our dreams and belief systems shape us as individuals, shape the organization(s) of our daily life, and create the cultures in which we live, struggle, thrive, and die?

More, would you like to explore living systems in the root language of their making, the mythological imagination that is behind literary, psychological, and political fictions so that remedies to social ills are not only possible but likely?

This is the work of mytho-psychology and the Rx arises from the practice of being a therapist of culture.
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