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E-volution is firmly established in the contemporary imagination, both in the scientific and factual sense and in the pervasive presence of E-(lectronic) Technological Advance as systemic savior. But evolutionary belief, like all Big Ideas, is not fact or fiction. It is both.


For instance, mytho-psychological understanding makes the Integlligent Design vs. Biological Evolution argument suddenly intelligible. Religionism and Scientism are in conflict because they work on the same project (How are we who we are?), with entirely different tools (empirical-intangible fact of belief vs empirical-tangible fact of proof), while pretending to control the proverbial workshop (identity of Life) as a whole, which is old-school (pre-planetary citizenship) hegemonic and no longer functional.


Bluevolution is the behavioral recognition of the spiralling down into legitimate grief over the passing of the mechano-industrial utopian mythology. We now know, or are coming to know, that All will not become Well through endless growth, increased consumption, and greater manufactured efficiency. That is why our shared consciousness, as revealed by Media, is attending the School of Survivor, Lemony Snicket, and Lost. We are preparing for one disappointment after another, growing into an adulthood of death and hardship, as we let go of the things that we treasured but which now are killing us as a species.


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The writing that follows (below) is based on an article for the Journal of Archetypal Studies (v2 released Dec 2012) but continues to expand and develop on Culturesmith beyond what appeared for publication. The PDF of my Dec 2012 article is available above, but please consider purchasing the journal in its entirety by clicking the image here.







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