Tai Sabaki - Body Management

Mae Ukemi (Forward roll) - "I'm going!"

Ushiro Ukemi (Backward roll) - "I'm back!"

Forward foot replaced with back foot - "I am here."

Side steps into hanmi - "Excuse me."

Tsugiashi (next foot)/, tskuri (firm back leg wedge forward), or Irimi (entering) - "I'm in." Shoot back foot and withdraw - "I'm out"

Senkai (Pivot by hinging hips and shifting) - "Who's there?"

Irimi Senkai (entering pivot behind someone) - "I'm behind you."

Tenkan (close the front hip/knee/foot & sweep the back 180°) - "I'm listening."

Open Two Step (open the front hip/knee/foot first) - "What do you see?"

Closed Two Step (close both hips then open without preliminary movement)- "Where?"

Shikko (knee walk) - "All together."

Happo giri (eight direction cut alternating between pivots and 45 degree steps)

  1. Long spine Chin tuck
  2. Soft Gaze 360 Horizon
  3. In Nose Out Mouth
  4. Shoulders back and down
  5. Open heart
  6. One Point Hara Starts
  7. Hips hinge Knees point
  8. Foot first pull drop



Paired Exercises


• Partnered Stepping Forward and Backward


• Partnered Stepping off the line


• Partner Side-stepping


• Tenkan blend


• Irimi blend