Spring Forward+Image

This morning was cold (50 F), dark, and I felt irrationally vulnerable and unequal to my challenges. After teaching an entirely servicable 7AM class at the dojo, while the sun got on with its rising, and having breakfast with Martin for the first time in many weeks, today now feels a bit like the first day of spring! It is now 65 F outside, the sun is illuminating everything with the kind of literal warmth that makes metaphorical/emotional warmth easier to believe in.

Springs of this kind are a meeting of "me/inside" and "that/outside" that makes meaning between two points of view often imagined as estranged. Re-connecting through sympathy, feeling renewal rather than the shock of disjunction, THAT is Spring for the whole being. Feeling the "inner" and "outer" come into sympathetic relationship is not "magical thinking" (expecting to exert literal control through hidden power) but thinking with "magic" in "mind", a felt participation that deepens daily realities like "Spring". In the presence of happenings so much larger than I, it feels reassuring to be reminded that power can feel not only overwhelming but also beneficent and moving.


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