Project Management Consulting

I help people complete their work. Graduate and post-graduate work, in particular dissertations, are a specialty, but I also help with coordinating related projects of different kinds so that their individual requirements and deadlines weave together well. While I am a competent executive, researcher, and instructor, my primary function in this context has to do with project management, imagined as a martial art. Don't hire me if you aren't serious about finishing.


The first step is a free, hour long first meeting to figure out if we will work well together. If that goes well for both of us, I will send a specific proposal. If you agree, I will create an online platform for our project management and make sure you have access and know how to use it. Then we will meet for two hours on a scheduled morning, breaking for lunch to continue talking informally. We will end our Launch Day with three hours of intense systems analysis in the afternoon. Cost: $500 in cash before we start.

When we finish, we will have:

  • introduced and verified your use of the technology we will share
  • clarified requirements
  • set the scope all relevant projects and defined exclusions
  • done some targeted work, usually written but also somatic, to evaluate your work-style and plans
  • set deadlines for moving through each project phase

Thereafter, we meet face-to-face as agreed, based on the schedule below, while you update the project management site each day with your progress.

Money works like this: you join our non-profit, Association Building Community, by joining our online coordination tools.

Facebook group:
Facebook page:

thereby becoming entitled to consulting contingent only on your and my availability.

  • $160 for a two-hour session whenever you need to schedule one.
  • $70/hr (paid in advance as an automatic montly Association Building Community membership donation) if we agree to schedule a meeting twice a month for the same amount of time in each session.
  • $50/hr (paid in advance as an automatic montly ABC membership donation) if we meet weekly for the same amount of time on regular days.

Before our first weekly meeting, you sign up for a monthly automatic donation. If our work together doesn't help you enough, or if either of us has to stop for whatever reason, you discontinue the donation and retain use (we turn over ownership) of the project management site to use as you see fit. Feel free to shift back and forth between modes at the end of any month.


I have reduced rates for those who are doing work that will move my research forward or support the mission of the non-profit I helped create.


Please call (510) 962-3921, or Skype bdwilliamscraig to inquire further.