Peace Training Project

"Peace Training" involves traveling and training with a mindful approach towards the goals of world peace; addressing social and environmental concerns; and reaching out to our neighbors and our own role in fostering these goals within our own communities.  On a given date, participating dojo's will host a "Peace Training Night," in which Peace Trainers will visit; train; make a brief statement about the intentions of Peace Training; and then pass around a jo for everyone to grasp, before Sensei signs it with a red marker.  Traveling to all participating dojo's, that jo will get passed around by a lot of hands, and get a lot of signatures signed on it from participating Sensei's. Initially the circle will be small--limited to the Bay Area and Peninsula.  Once the Bay Area Circle is complete: we will "widen" the circle to include all California; then the West Coast; and then finally, across the US.  Once the Peace Training event has completed on the East Coast: the dojo will be presented to an Iranian aikido Sensei as a gesture of good will, from the American aikidoists. As a final gesture of harmony and good will, Peace Trainers will present a gift from one dojo, to the next.  The nature of the gift is dependent upon the hosting in all gift, it's the thought that counts.  And so, as we travel from one dojo to the next; we will be presenting a gift, and then receiving a gift for the next dojo on the list, to present on the next Peace Training Night.