Find a nice comfortable place without interruptions.
Elongate your spine (imagine an open flow of energy through etheric bodies) while causing no pain. Sit comfortably.
Breathing: the actual oxygen is gross matter on/in which is Prana/life force.
Do not try to change breathing at all.
Pincer touch w first two fingers and thumbs; palms up in your lap.
Close your eyes and look up.
Say to yourself: "I'm going to concentrate on my breathing."
Notice what and how and where you are breathing.
The mind will cycle through thoughts. Enjoy. Bring attention back to breathing with no harsh control or judgment.
Seduce awareness through presence rather than creating any kind of mechanism. Just follow your breath.
Breathing deepens and becomes more relaxed corresponding with changes in your lymbic chemistry.
Discover places in your mind that have various functions which are not discoverable any other way.
Begin staying more and more at Alpha (7-14 cycles), making available a place of safety (losing awareness of your surroundings) to which one can "go" and rejuvenate.
Start doing this, discover questions, make contact right away to hear responses.

Genral Thoughts:

One often gets lessons by being bombarded by experiences that effect one emotionally.
Arousal often indicates Something You Need to Learn.