MNv levels overview

MNv Phase One - overt and covert

Bodies in conflict with the mind in mind

involves the development of a daily practice tying movement, intention, and expression such that the patterns of the moving bodymind are explicitly linked with thought and communication.

Exercises: Aikido 2.0 (taijutsu with language)
"I'm listening. Let's go together. Tell me more. What do you need?"


MNv Phase Two - timing and action

Conflict in mind embodied

embeds the communicating bodymind in context which requires connection with others under pressure.

Exercises: Improvised Friction and Staged Combat
"I feel hurt by what you were saying/doing. When that happens I have a hard time knowing what to do. Would you like to take turns listening to each other now or should we be apart and try again later?"


MNv Phase Three - coordination and consequence

Minding (tending) embodied conflict

extends the basics of MNv into clear requests for acting with co-creativity and shared responsibility in order to call for a community that does treasures difference and thereby identifies peace with doing conflict well.

Exercises: Facilitation and Leadership
"Should we ask for help first or try something ourselves?"