Huston Smith and Brandon Williamscraig

Huston Smith became Brandon WilliamsCraig's mentor in 2006. Both enjoyed regular exchanges of tea and ideas, Brandon kept the Smiths' writing and communications machinery functioning, and Huston consulted on Brandon's dissertation and brought him into the Pacific Coast Theological Society at the Graduate Theological Union, recommending him to colleagues and partners in vision during the last decade of his life. Rosalie Williamscraig was born in 2011 and enjoyed Huston's attention and affection. Huston Williamscraig was born in 2013 and went to play with and sing to his namesake until days before Huston the Elder died on December 30, 2016.

This collection of resources aggregates overlapping areas of study and interest, as well as archiving and making public materials from Huston the Elder and Brandon's collaborations. 


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