Earthlandia Thought Experiment

Welcome to the Ecological Commonwealth of Earthlandia! The Earth is an island in the vast ocean of interstellar space. How will we care for our beautiful island? How will we care for one another? Introduction to the Earthlandia! Thought Experiment — by Dennis Rivers, MA, Editor Earthlandia! is a virtual country in the ocean of our minds devoted to exploring more sustainable and compassionate ways of both living on the Earth and living with one another. Our vision is to create a sheltering space where people can explore how to become better citizens of the Web of Life. Earthlandia is a creative exercise in both thinking and feeling outside the boxes of the current person as consumer only, and life as perpetual warfare, forms of thinking and acting that are ascendant in the world today, are making us miserable, and are killing the planet. The first steps toward changing our course, in my view, are acts of creative hope, imagination and memory: to imagine, and also to remember, ways in which we could build a world differently from the very unhappy way that we are currently building the world together each day. Those readers familiar with narrative therapy, appreciative inquiry, positive deviance and various schools of creative thinking will recognize that Earthlandia! thought experiment is an effort to mobilize the resources of all of these and apply those resources to our quest to live in harmony with one another and the natural world. One element common to all these approaches is that they search for forgotten success stories that could be resources for new beginnings.