Dr Myth+20141220

In the rich imaginal ground that is the winter holidays, I give you one of my favorite and most lucid senior colleagues, Dr. @Mary Watkins:

"[Knowledge] picks an argument where there is no need. Myth speaks about an imaginal reality using aspects of his material reality. Her statements are not meant to be mere literal, concrete descriptions and opinions about this world. She wants to convey her reality.  When he takes some aspects away from her, she must chose  others. The more he denies her expressions the more she must use  his own words. Though he can discredit her means of expression  and make her look foolish to his friends he cannot destroy that which she seeks to express. His inability to distinguish between the concrete level of the symbol and what the symbol refers to leaves him open to her use. It leaves her totally misunderstood. She hides in what and how he studies and her reality begins to come from his own mouth, although he does not hear her inclination. 


In our confusion we, as students of Knowledge, have tried to separate the scientific from the metaphorical, matter from spirit, behavior from psyche, the real from the imaginal. They pretend to yield, and in so doing trick us. They have not separated at all, these lovers. What we find flowing down our sinks is our awareness of our participation in myth at every moment of our being in reality, of psyche in our every action. We mistake our confusion for straightforwardness and clarity. What we have packed away in those boxes is not the imagination and the mythical but our recognition, acceptance and conscious valuing of it."

She has most generously provided access to her book, Waking Dreams (where this quote appears on page six) here: