Conflict Done Well Aikido Training at SSUMC

Conflict Done Well begins with martial arts and yoga-based exercises, then aikido movement and concepts, which are then used to learn nonviolent self-defense. To the movements and principles we add language and practice improvisation in order to apply techniques in daily conflicts of all kinds so that restorative justice leadership results. We will be forming a volunteer social justice action team in which you may want to participate. All adult persons of any description, ability, and misgivings are most welcome to join. Teens are warmly invited to ask for parental permission and to join as well.

Please wear clothes in which you can comfortably stretch to your full range of movement and learn at your own pace to keep your balance under stress and rise easily from the floor. If you are able, a sustainability donation is requested after beginning regular attendance, but none is required to begin or continue training. A portion of the donation will go to the St. Stephen community.

Conflict Done Well includes Martial Nonviolence (MNv) training with Brandon WilliamsCraig Ph.D. - 5th dan Aikikai. When the MNv curriculum is adapted for and adopted by a particular community, that is called Peace Practices (PxPx). Here is a video with more information.