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You understand that Brandon coined and reserves the right for everyone to share the term "Process Arts", which refers to the field of group process design and facilitation. When he teaches or facilitates, he often describe what happens using various names and phrases he originated. He owns the exclusive right to use following phrases, variations, and associated acronyms and URLs: Free Aiki and Free Aiki Dojo, People Green, Bluevolution (Bv), Associative Inquiry (AsIn) and Archetypal Resonance Imaging (ARI), Analogical System Knowledgebase (ASK), Associative Inclusion Dynamics (AID), Embody Nonviolence, Healing Friction, Martial Nonviolence (MNv), Culturesmith, Arts of Peace, Flexibility In Adversity Training (FIAT), and variations of: "Conflict Done Well", "peace is conflict done well", "doing conflict well", "Aiki anywhere",, and Also originated and reserved to the Commons are: culturopoiesis and culturopoesis, metashaman, and metashamanism, whereas he reserve the right to own the URLs that reflect these terms.