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Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020

Our topic for today was "attention," specifically attention to chaos, as we move through the chaotic time following the 2020 U.S. presidential elections. Our goal was to pay attention to how our bodies responded as we moved through a set of exercises.

Today Brandon used a bell to signify the change from one exercise to another as a way to shift our focus conciously. There were several floor exercises that I found hard to do because of my age, weight and disability. However, I attempted to keep up with the pattern of exercises despite the discomfort they brought. I finally had to stop when I got a cramp in my right hamstring.

In the discussion after exercise, Brandon explained that one of the ways we anesthesize ourselves to change is by ignoring what our bodies tell us as we're moving through chaos. Choosing to do things that are best for us rather than falling back on unhealthy habits is very difficult and requires great attention and thought. For example, if someone were attempting to punch onself in the face, stopping to ask, "Should I get out of the way?" is the wrong question to be asking. We should make self-care and defensive decisions immediately and follow through immediately, but that takes lots of practice.

I found this lesson challenging to face because I have always "powered through" exercise simply to get it over with.  Until I started training with Brandon a year ago, I didn't pay attention to the "how" of doing an exercise, nor did I listen to what my body was telling me about how it responded to the movement I was doing. Changing my practice in this regard involves paying close attention to what I'm feeling and thinking and not automatically falling back into unhealthy habits. 

-- Cynthia Astle