The Myth of Peace

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My dissertation for a doctorate in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute was entitled

The Myth of Peace: a culture of peacemaking, the process arts, and the emergence of a global communitarian mythology

The term "Process Arts" refers to the field of all disciplines which study, design, and facilitate group process. I proposed in The Myth of Peace that the process arts have a culture-making component and thereby may make a beneficial collective contribution to "Community," the next planetary mythology built of social justice-based narratives and practices emerging around the world in response to the challenges posed by industrial globalization. This has implications, at least, for education, psychology, management and organizational development, polity and governance, and international peace-making.

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The Myth of Peace Outline
The Myth of Peace: a culture of peacemaking, the process arts, and the emergence of a global communitarian mythology

Chapter One: Archetypal

The Myth of Peace Acknowledgments
For Aidan  

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The Myth of Peace - Evidence
Examples from around the world of people advocating peaceful global citizenship using words like "peace," "community," "social justice," etc.  

School of Peace






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