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Please come to the next class at Free Aiki Dojo!

"Freedom Requires Practice" 

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Train with Brandon WilliamsCraig Sensei on the UC Berkeley campus as Golden Bears Aikido and off campus as Free Aiki Dojo, hosted by Aikido of Berkeley

at 1514 University Ave. Click here to know more about how that relationship works.


Please don’t pay if you can’t. Donate effort instead.

When you can, please “Pay It Forward” to continue our training by donating to our non-profit partner at and make sure to check the box which makes your contribution recurring.

Most contribute $50-$60/mo.

Definitely train no matter your financial situation.


Our Training Schedule

  • Our Monday class is 11:00am-12:30pm on Sproul Plaza UC Berkeley
  • Tuesday nights Brandon Sensei teaches at 1514 University from 6-7:30pm and Kayla Sensei 7:30-8:30. A community potluck follows on First Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday class is 7-8 AM at 1514 University.
  • Thursday Aikido 2.0 12-1PM at The Flight Deck in Downtown Oakland (1540 Broadway)
  • Friday afternoon classes on campus at UC are on hold until next semester.
  • Saturday 10:30am - 12pm morning class is taught by Brandon Sensei and Ricardo Sempai in rotation at 1514 University.
  • Saturday 1-2pm class is for All Ages, adults and children together, and explicitly includes Martial Nonviolence for Peace Practices

** There are Peace Practices classes at Pacific Rim International School in San Mateo and Emeryville every Monday and Thursday. for more, please see


**All schedule changes are available via our Twitter feeds**

Free Aiki classes are hosted by Aikido of Berkeley at 1514 University Ave. Brandon and Kayla Sensei have cultivated opportunities to grow together since 1998 and that is reflected in the training community that includes Aikido of Berkeley, Free Aiki Dojo, and Golden Bears Aikido at UC Berkeley.


Click here to download a PDF with details about how our dojos relate.


Please connect with us today because times may change with one day’s notice.

Please feel free to contact me:  or  

Please join our Facebook pages at and


I look forward to training with you!


Brandon Sensei


Responses to Frequently Asked Questions are Here



Free Aiki Dojo at the Time Bank



Traditional Aikido and Martial Nonviolence® training for all ages...

Aiki principles applied in the real world.

Learn peace-making you can apply in any situation.


All practitioners of all martial arts, including all aikido styles, are welcome to come and learn how we combine traditional aikido and the process arts.


"A great introduction! Thank you Sensei Brandon! It was very pleasant meeting you and the others this morning. I'm hooked!" --Teina Anthony


Please call (510) 962-3921 for more information, join us on campus, and come to any Free Aiki Dojo class at 1514 University Ave. Berkeley CA 94703





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Martial Nonviolence
4267 icon Peace is a martial art of nonviolence. If you'd like to be good at it, you must train regularly,
Golden Bears Aikido at UC Berkeley

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Martial Nonviolence
4267 icon Peace is a martial art of nonviolence. If you'd like to be good at it, you must train regularly,

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