Goodbye California

The Short Version

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I will be ending my work as an instructor of graduate students at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Communications Director at Ragged Wing Ensemble, so that we may move back to Texas. We will be moving back to Dallas at the first of August to be with my mother, who turns 80 this year. Lisa is very happy to begin teaching for White Rock Montessori School, and we are in the midst of grieving, packing, spending time with friends, and feeling overwhelmed by logistics, endings, and the tremendous potential associated with this move. I am going back to the land of my birth, and plan to provide executive leadership, speak publicly, teach all ages of students, and write, as I devote more time to loving my family and taking in the beauty of being alive in the world.

Please contact me right away to schedule anything that needs to happen in June or July, including time together, so that I may attempt to follow up and make arrangements. There are many things with which we could use some help, given capacity and availability. If we don't make contact before August, I will also look forward to seeing you when next we meet, wherever that may be. If you’d like updates about Peace Practices, Conflict Done Well, and my other adventures in teamwork and social justice, please be sure to subscribe at and follow

There is more to all of this, obviously. If you want to connect with me, move the work I do forward, or read more and deeply into what is happening now, I cannot ask sincerely enough that you stay within my circle of friends

  1. I'll be writing more at, with the more detailed and personal material protected by signing-in. Please request an account via or sign in, if you already have an account. I will approve and welcome you, after which you will also have access to all kinds of fascinating materials for cultural study, should that interest you.
  2. I will use the newsletter here (Subscribe to my newsletter) for communicating the ways that this transition connects our inner lives with the wider world. There will be various gatherings to say goodbye, and I'll use that list to let you know about them.

Please re/subscribe now, during this time of profound transition, so we may stay connected, even if at a distance.



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This probably won't surprise anybody...

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - "Forty-six percent of people living in the Bay Area say they plan to leave it in the next few years,...according to a survey from the Bay Area Council. Last year, that number was 40 percent. People say housing costs and traffic are the reasons they want to leave...24 percent said they would move within California, and 61 percent said they would leave the state altogether."


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