Martially Nonviolent Education+Curriculum Development

Ideas 01


IM: Dividing class into "random" groups (breaking up friends) for 20 min each day to talk about what it would be like if one child didn't have toothpaste, shampoo, etc. Sometimes topics were more wide ranging but not personal enough to create profound vulnerability. Expanding children's relationships with each other to make cliques porous, practice respect. Each child gets to experience profound difference in others and be fully heard. Bullying was profoundly reduced in British schools employing this program.


LR: Story about workig with family, hearing each participant, and transition into each child performing on the piano and being appreciated. Beginning with something appreciated. In a classroom, children might be encouraged to tell the group a story about something recent which they truly enjoyed. Did anything happen lately that bothered you?


BW: developental model

3-6ish games first

5-7ish getting in to the story and being ready (to act a role, be a "martial artist")

6-9ish conflict practice

10-13ish process art



Responses 01


Lecturing to the kids before trying things might be a problem.

Abused underpriv child and what that looks like in the classroom. Hearing about good things in other people's lives makes the underpriv feel horrible.

Leaving children open for bullying. Kids can be ruthless and heartless and find others' expressions wanting.

Never mention the world "bullying."

Bullying starts in pre-school.

Connecting kids to others. What do you think it is like for them? Compassionate connection to the greater world is a must.

Who gets to learn how to take care of themselves well? This sounds like a middle class kids in private schools thing.

Class - a central theme against which a truly useful curriculum must be measured. What would it take to serve the poorest children with this work?


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