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Remembering James Hillman across the web

In Memoriam: Roger Woolger & James Hillman 
Mark Jones, Astrologer
14 March 2012

James Hillman: In Collective Memory
Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association
2-4 March 2012

Tribute to James Hillman, Part 1 6 March 2012
Tribute to James Hillman, Part 2  7 March 2012
Tribute to James Hillman, Part 3 11 March 2012
Tribute to James Hillman, Part 4, 12 March 2012
Tribute to James Hillman, Part 5, 14 March 2012
Myth Girl blog 
Nikki, PhD Student in Mythological Studies 
Pacifica Graduate Institute

In Memoriam: James Hillman
by John Beebe
Quadrant: The Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation
Volume XXXXII:1 Winter 2012
2 March 2012
Summary: "James Hillman is remembered as the author of papers and books, including Senex and Puer: An Aspect of the Historical Present, The Feeling Function, and A Terrible Love of War, that both explicate and deconstruct the premises of depth psychology in general and Jungian analytical psychology in particular. Although Hillman helped to found the school of Archetypal Psychology, the author of this memorial, who knew him personally, does not find him to be doctrinaire; rather he challenged even his followers, in raising his individual voice to assert the duty of psychological citizenship to pursue fresh understandings. The author argues that although Hillman's eventual subject was the soul of the world, the way he addressed it was quintessentially American."

Dwelling Imaginally in Soulless Times,
An Appreciation of the Work of James Hillman

16 pages .pdf by Sylvester Wojtkowski, PhD
Introduction in ARAS Newsletter Connections 2012 Issue 1
22 February 2012

Hillman Memento
Associazione Culturale Crocevia e Istituto Mediterraneo di Psicologia Archetipica
12.35 minute video on YouTube
25 January 2012

An Appreciation for James Hillman (1926-2011)
Louise Steinman, Los Angeles Review of Books
29 January 2012

A Gathering to Celebrate the Life and Work of James Hillman
Pacifica Graduate Institute 
Ladera Lane Campus 
Santa Barbara
2-4 March 2012

"'I am dying yet in fact, I could not be more engaged in living. One thing I'm learning is how impossible it is to lay out a border between so-called 'living' and 'dying'." – James Hillman

"'One thing I'm learning' – dying, yet still learning. Still teaching. That was the man." – Michael Ventura

Letters at 3 AM: James Hillman (1926-2011)
Michael Ventura, The Austin Chronicle
13 January 2012

The death of the maverick psychologist
This Old Heart – Musings on Archetypal Psychology: Remembering James Hillman
8 January 2012

Myth and Theatre Festival dedicated to James Hillman
Pantheatre 7-17 August 2012
Homages to James Hillman
Linda Wise, Paris 11 November 2011
Enrique Pardo, Paris 20 December 2011 

James Hillman obituary
Mark Kidel, The Guardian U.K.
21 December 2011

Thought of the Heart
Captain Future, 60s Now
17 December 2011

The Wonderbread of Civilization
Suzi Gablik, Virgil Speaks
5 December 2011

Guardian Obituary: James Hillman 
Mark Kidel, Roy Hart International Arts Center
3 December 2011

The dangerous words of James Hillman
Steve Thorp, Pychotherapist, UK
November 2011

A Tribute to James Hillman
Slide show with music
Eldo Stellucci
20 November 2011 

James Hillman: In Memoriam
C. G. Jung Society of Montreal
19 November 2011

James Hillman, R.I.P.
Tina Fields, Indigenize
19 November 2011

James Hillman on Aging
Tammie Fowles, Psychotherapist, Retiring in Maine
19 November 2011

Tribute to James Hillman
Diana Raab, Diana's Notebook: Literary Musings
14 November 2011

James Hillman kept conversation alive 
Alan Bisbort, Republican American 
13 November 2011

TENDING THE SOUL: The Legacy of James Hillman
Elizabeth Clark-Stern
12 November 2011

Remembering James Hillman
Michael Hanson, MarketMinder
8 November 2011

James Hillman 
Musings of a Late Bloomer, Pacifica Graduate Institute student
8 November 2011 

James Hillman Obituary
Loren Duffy, Independent.ie
6 November 2011 

A Champion of the Soul
J. Moore, Sothis Medias
4 November 2011

In gratitude to James Hillman...
Steve Aizenstat, Pacifica Graduate Institute

James Hillman, ave atque vale
Wolf Pascoe
1 November 2011

How Do You Say Goodbye to the Teacher Who Has Changed Your Life?
Pythia Peay, The Huffington Post
4 November 2011

James Hillman 1926-2011
Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

In response to Thomas Moore’s blog post "Remembering James Hillman" for The Huffington Post, Chuck McIntyre’s comment includes, “Many of us owe a great deal to James and his wittisms, along with his genius left in his writings.” Thomas Moore responds, “Thank you, Chuck. I'd like to see remembrances like this from many who met James.” Below are some responses to James Hillman’s death across the English-writing web.

On James Hillman: Au Revoir, and Hello to Uncle Jimmy
Robert Kopecky, Evolver.net 
2 November 2011

James Hillman: Jungian, iconoclast, philosopher and wizard 
Alfred DePew, The Vancouver Observer
2 November 2011

Reflections on the death of James Hillman: The psychologist of relativism
Lucetta Scaraffia, L'Osservatore Romano
1 November 2011

Eratosphere » Conversation » General Talk » James Hillman 
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Obituary James Hillman 1926-2011
International Association for Analytical Psychology

James Hillman passed away yesterday 10/27/11
Integral Life
Blog comments

Remembering James Hillman
Thomas Moore reflects on Hillman 
Sacred Disorder (Cliff Bostock)
31 October 2011

Facebook posting about James Hillman
Richard Tarnas 
C. G. Jung Analytical Psychology Club London

In Memoriam: James Hillman
Len Cruz
The Asheville Jung Center 
29 October 2011

James Hillman, April 12, 1926- October 27,2011 
La Belette Rouge (Tracey Cleantis)
27 October 2011

James Hillman: Life and Work
Pacifica Graduate Institute