Calais Stop Starving Refugees and Reverse the Ban on Charitable Food Distribution

This sends a message of desperation and mercenary political interest, rather than good leadership and conservative management of public funds. The humane choice will always be better to both draw support against extremism and demonstrate capable political sense. Please consider signing the petition.

- Brandon

From The Care2 Petition Site

Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, is on a rampage against refugees fleeing persecution, political turmoil, and civil war. She will do almost anything to prevent migrants from finding a safe haven in Calais.

In October, Mayor Bouchart ordered the demolition of the local refugee camp, displacing hundreds of people from shelter, food, clean water, and safety as winter approached.

Now, as refugees are returning and rebuilding the camp, Bouchart has issued a mayoral decree forbidding any charitable organization or agency from distributing food to migrants and their families.

Immediately before the decree was issued on 2 March, one charity -- Utopia56 -- was distributing 250 hot meals a night. Another agency -- Refugee Community Kitchen and Help Refugees -- were making about 400 meals a day, up from about 50 in February. Now, Mayor Bouchart is digging in her heels and ordering these organisations and others to stop providing food to starving people. Officials are also preventing charities from providing showers for the hundreds of desperate refugees seeking shelter.

The goal of the policy is to drive out refugees in need by denying the basics for human survival -- shelter, food, clean water, safety. Policies like these will not help address the refugee crisis, it will only leave more people starving and desperate for a safe place to call home.  

Please take a moment to sign our petition and protest the inhumane actions of Natacha Bouchart, mayor of Calais. Her despicable decree is a blight on the good name of France.


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