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Golden Bears Aikido Club is a student organization at UC Berkeley co-created by students with the facilitation and instruction provided by Brandon WilliamsCraig Sensei Ph.D., 4th dan, founder and Chief Instructor of Free Aiki Dojo. GBAC provides the Cal community with self defense and conflict facilitation skills through traditional Aikido instruction and Martial Nonviolence® training on and off campus.



Golden Bears Aikido on campus at UC Berkeley

The 1st Mondays of every month at noon we train and demonstrate aikido on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. Every other Monday we meet at the Faculty Glade. If the weather is bad we find a nearby spot and train there.




2011 Honors


Golden Bears Aikido Club Certificates+Motoki Mansho


Golden Bears Aikido Club Certificates+Fang Rui




On campus we are

Off campus we are


The full schedule for our training community, Golden Bears Aikido and Free Aiki Dojo, is as follows:

Mon 12-1pm on campus Open Air on the Faculty Glade - Brandon Sensei

Tue 6-8:15pm at Aikido of Berkeley (AiBerk) - Senseis Brandon and then Kayla

Golden Bears Aikido and Free Aiki Dojo students are invited every Tuesday to join the students of Aikido of Berkeley for the entire evening. Kayla Feder Sensei has invited Brandon Sensei to teach a weekly basics class from 6-7, after which she teaches a general class from 7-8:15. Everyone is also invited to join in after these classes when on the first and third Tuesdays of every month Aikido of Berkeley creates its infamous potluck feast and community circle.


Wed 7-8am Downtown Dojo (1934 Bonita) or in the park at Hearst & Milvia - Brandon Sensei


Fri 3:30-5:30pm Downtown Dojo (1934 Bonita) or in the park at Hearst & Milvia - Brandon Sensei


Sat (every other) 10:30-12:30 AiBerk - Brandon Sensei.



Membership in either group (on and off campus) involves training with Brandon Sensei's and is available to everyone. Attending Berkeley High? Come check out other students learning whole-system self-defense that works in the street, in relationship with your family, and on into your future.


All potential students may simply appear at any training with no advanced notice. To know where we are on a given day, check the Twitter feed here or sign up for our email list at least one day before appearing. Please wear gym clothes you don't mind touching the ground and shoes that won't be damaged if dew on the grass makes them wet.


Before coming, please have a look at the

Before training you will be asked to sign in under these conditions. Participation indicates your acceptance of these terms.


Consistent students are sent an invitation to an ongoing online poll, in order to co-create our training schedule. This is a way of being more martial about the process of training together: more clear, purposeful, precise, and coordinated. We train early in the morning in the park, at night in the street, and in various circumstances geared to sharpen our practice and application.


Aikikai ranks are offered through Brandon Sensei's relationship with Kayla Feder Sensei, who is a senior teacher in the California Aikido Association. Requirement for promotion mirror those of Feder Sensei's dojo, Aikido of Berkeley, and are available from Brandon Sensei or via download from


The group will never advance past the place of new people joining. Every class has a mix of levels, since practicing with people more advanced, similarly advanced, and beginning to advance is required to internalize the full range of possibilities inherent in any technique.

Please come any time you have the opportunity.

What this all looks like...


The most recent fundraiser in February 2011 was a great success! To find out more please click here:



Golden Bears Aikido is looking for members, and now is the time to join!

GBA is a club, goverened by students at UC Berkeley, for which Brandon WilliamsCraig Sensei acts as co-founder and provides training and facilitation. This is the space on his website devoted to growing the club, and the GBA site on the UC servers may be found at


Are you interested in a Japanese Martial Art, called Aikido? Golden Bears Aikido is looking for UC Berkeley students and members of the Berkeley community who want to be club members. The purpose of this club is to provide self-defense and conflict facilitation skills through Aikido and Martial Nonviolence® training. Please email gbac at freeaiki dot com. Please also join our Google Group below.

For disability accommodation requests and information please contact Danny Kodmur at (510) 643-6456 (voice) or (510) 642-6376 (TTY) for communication services or Jamie Wilson at (510) 643-6473 for mobility services.  Their email address is  Please try to make your service request with as much advance notice as possible.


Click here to learn more about The Future of Aikido fundraiser Feb 18-20, 2011 at Aikido of Berkeley.