Bluevolution then is a behavior-changing recognition of the spiraling down into legitimate grief over the passing of the mechano-industrial utopian mythology in which contemporary humanity lives. We now know, or are coming to know, that All will not be Well with ongoing global economic growth, easy access to assault rifles and bulk munitions, increased material consumption of fossil fuel-based products, greater defense spending for international conflicts, and greater manufactured efficiency. Our shared consciousness, as revealed by Media, is attending the virtual school of Survivor, Lemony Snicket, and Lost so as not to suffer blindly any more “failures of imagination” as the world our grandparents knew falls apart.  We are preparing for disappointments and they continue coming, one after another, growing each generation into an adulthood of death and hardship, as we let go of the things that we treasured but which now are killing us as a species. This is the end, but of what precisely remains to be imagined. Not until we have fully imagined, lived, and grieved The End will New Beginnings sprout.