ITP Aikido and Psychotherapy Seminar 20101107

Practice #Aikido techniques that are focused on developing therapeutic presence, staying centered when challenged, and blending empathically with clients. A special low impact section will create an ideal introduction for non Aikidoists. Aikido is a mind-body-spirit practice that can be applied by psychotherapists both with clients and for self-care. Therapists have recognized the importance of being fully present in therapy.


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In this workshop, you will:

  • Gain an experiential understanding of mind-body-spirit techniques that you can use with clients.
  • Increase your ability to ''read'' bodies including social/emotional issues embodied in our clients.
  • Learn techniques for rebalancing yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


Patrick Faggianelli, Ph.D.; Robert Frager, Ph.D., Jamal Grancik, MFT; David Lukoff, Ph.D.; Beth Tabakin, Ph.D.; Paul Rest; Brandon WilliamsCraig, Ph.D.



November 7, 2010
10 AM-5 PM
ITP Dojo
1069 E. Meadow Circle
Palo Alto CA 94303

CE participants $80
Non CE participants: Donation
This is a benefit for Aiki-Extensions and the ITP Aikido Archives.

Aiki Extensions was founded in 1998 to deepen and extend the pracitce of Aikido as an art of peace. It has helped developed projects in schools and centers for at-risk youth; applied Aikido in the healing and expressive arts; and promoted social harmony in venues around the world.

ITP is creating an extensive archive of Aikido images to document and preserve the extraordinary contributions of O’Sensei, the founder of Aikido, and his direct students. The nearly 3000-image personal photo collection of Aikido donated by Buddhist scholar and Professor John Stevens will serve as the cornerstone for this project.





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