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I co-founded and am President & CEO of Association Building Community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Representing ABC, I completed a contract to create the position of Executive Director and an administration for Aiki Extensions and was honored to be asked to continue serving on their Board of Directors. Both are non-profits building communities locally and internationally to practice alternative methods of conflict facilitation. I offer strategic consulting and leadership training, as well as organizational change facilitation to clients in shareholder driven and social profit enterprises. I am always looking for opportunities to help dedicated people move through conflicts into performance-oriented teamwork and relationally sustainable practices.

I created and serve as Chief Instructor of Free Aiki Dojo in Berkeley CA. I offer traditional aikido training, and then extend "aiki" metaphors into my conflict facilitation method, called Martial Nonviolence (MNv). In 2010 I become Chief Instructor of Golden Bears Aikido at UC Berkeley and hope to continue in the excellent company of the many teachers exploring the intersection of the liberal and martial arts. When I teach MNv as a site specific, custom-designed curriculum, I call that process Peace Practices. Currently Peace Practices are in progress at Pacific Rim International School campuses in Emeryville and San Mateo, CA.

I was born in Dallas, Texas, and educated by Montessorians and Jesuits. My first career, from my sixth year and into early adulthood, was in the professional regional and touring theater. I emigrated to California to be a full-time, residential aikido apprentice for two years, completed professional process arts facilitation certifications, particularly in mediation and community building, acquired graduate degrees in mythology and psychology, became a husband and then a father.

I coined and reserve the right for everyone to share the term "Process Arts", which refers to the field of group process design and facilitation. When I teach or facilitate I often describe what we do using various names and phrases I originated. I "own" the exclusive right to use following phrases, variations, and associated acronyms and URLs: Free Aiki, People Green, Bluevolution, Associative Inquiry (AsIn) and Archetypal Resonance Imaging (ARI), Analogical System Knowledgebase (ASK), Associative Inclusion Dynamics (AID), Healing Friction, Martial Nonviolence (MNv), Culturesmith, Arts of Peace, Flexibility In Adversity Training (FIAT), and variations of: "conflict done well", "peace is conflict done well", "doing conflict well", "Aiki anywhere",, and

Also originated and reserved to the Commons are: culturopoiesis and culturopoesis, metashaman, and metashamanism, whereas I reserve the right to own the URLs that reflect these terms.


Peace practices, community building and conflict facilitation; mediation and negotiation; social profit organizing and administration, ensemble creation, and team building; spoken and media-based communications and performance; academic learning and administration; I.T. skills including web design; supervision and management.






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Associative Inquiry
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Free Aiki Dojo
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Please come to the next class at Free Aiki Dojo!

"Freedom Requires Practice" 

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Golden Bears Aikido at UC Berkeley
Healing Friction
Martial Nonviolence
4267 icon Peace is a martial art of nonviolence. If you'd like to be good at it, you must train regularly,
Process Arts
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4273 icon Group process as an art.   "Process Arts" refers ...
The Myth of Peace
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Guardians of Peace
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+Core Projects
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Association Building Community

  Founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001, ABC operates as a fiscal sponsor for community building


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