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By "mythology" I mean the whole system of narratives rehearsed, conclusions drawn, and actions taken which correctly and incorrectly identify some Big Idea or system of related Ideas as The Reason--the hinge on the which the door of action swings.

An example: Racism

I usually restrict my verbal application of "racism" to the negative/damaging decisions based on race, because that is common usage, but in my mind -isms are fundamentally ambivalent, always including all desirable and undesirable elements of the idea. Racism, therefore can refer also, for instance, to Affirmative Action and other race-based activism with which I customarily agree because they are made necessary by individual crimes as well as ongoing, discriminatory, systemic violation of basic human rights.


A stunted myth=lie idea prevents people from realizing they have a tool in their hands already (story/fiction) which can improve their functional understanding of the world, and keeps in power those with the most money/influence over communications (media).


Myth is much maligned. It is common practice to use the word "myth" as an epithet, an indictment against ...


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