An open letter to nurses, doctors, all caregivers, and those who support them.


News articles ( and studies ( show that caring for people puts you at risk of violent attack. What people usually do when they want to be ready to respond to an attack is to practice a martial art. The dilemma in your line of work is preparing to handle violence without adding to it, to prevent harm without doing harm. This is the unique contribution of aikido to the world of martial arts.


is a unique blend of aikido, improvisation, and facilitation skills that can prepare you to be ready to keep yourself and others safe without causing harm to patients who get out of control, for whatever reason.


I know training dollars always seem scarce, and new ideas often take a long time to gain a sufficient foothold to make a difference, but for decades aikido principles have been extended into and combined with psychotherapy, communication skills, the practice of law enforcement and politics, and many other established disciplines. Training dollars are being spent right now on all manner of effective and ill advised attempts to make your workplace safer and more effective in providing care, no matter who or what walks in the door. Isn't it time to opt for one that moves directly to what you really need every day?


Please consider the importance of your personal safety and that of your colleagues, not to mention all the people who come to you seeking sanctuary and comfort. Contact us to hear more and learn what steps may be taken to help you prepare for the next time you need a culture of support and skills in your hands to respond to violence.


Support this concept! I have used Aikido training more than once to prevent injury to myself and a patient that was completely out of control. -

  --George R. Billing.....Wed Nov 10 10:47:09 -0800 2010