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Please have a look at the information below and contact me with any questions. I am most accustomed to providing strategic consulting, leadership coaching, team facilitation, and cultural learning. These complimentary areas of practice lead me toward work with a great diversity of business people, facilitators, activists, and academics. I admire most those who generate the results they require by crafting a culture that supports teamwork.



I am always looking for a new challenge to leverage my experience in:

  • Issue analysis and conflict management: Conflict Done Well (tm) through Martial Nonviolence® and Peace Practices
  • Systems analysis, culture building, long range planning, and strategic development
  • Higher Education as a Supervising Instructor, Lecturer, and facilitator of online learning
  • Qualitative business intelligence analysis
  • Humanistic user-experience design
  • Member services and enrollment systems architecture
  • Alternative dispute resolution litigation support analysis
  • Board facilitation and team building
  • Project Management and Process Analysis
  • Enterprise Operations and Administration
  • Human and Technology solutions oversight
  • Non-Profit Creation and Development
  • Campaign and Event planning


I co-founded and continue to be CEO of Association Building Community, a non-profit supporting communities practicing the process arts. I created and direct the Peace Practices project, ABC's internationally funded,  Conflict Done Well curriculum which has been adopted by schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Representing ABC, I created the position of Executive Director and an administration for Aiki Extensions, and was honored to be asked to continue serving on their Board of Directors. AE is a non-profit which builds local and international capacity to use redirective rather than oppositional methods of conflict resolution.

I am co-founder and Chief Instructor at FreeAiki Dojo in Berkeley CA which offers traditional aikido as a base for learning my conflict facilitation method - Martial Nonviolence (MNv). I was born and educated in Dallas TX, emigrated to California for a two year aikido apprenticeship, completed professional facilitation certifications in mediation and community building, acquired graduate degrees, became a husband and a father.



  • Supervision and management
  • Community building and conflict facilitation
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Academic research and teaching
  • Non-profit administration
  • Ensemble creation and team building
  • Spoken as well as media communications and performance
  • Broad I.T. skills
I asked a long-time CEO client what he tells people about me that leads to successful referals. He forwarded me this:
Brandon has over thirteen years of experience working through conflict in management environments, offering exceptional communication tools and soft skills, is comfortable engaging with C-level executives as they assess and make strategic decisions, and is serving right now as an enterprise-level executive coach.
His primary area of professional interest involves clarifying the risks associated with "what we chose not to know" by investigating the culture and mythology of businesses, divisions, and project teams. With his help, limiting organizational assumptions are uncovered and analyzed independent from individual agendas in order to push beyond self-justification. Most people don't know that this work requires skills like his, or even that it is possible to reframe difficulties as an opportunity to practice "Conflict Done Well." I know he will put his experience at your service with confidence and confidentiality intact.

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  • Leadership and Administration
  • Instructor-Trainer
  • Facilitator, Mediator, or Ombudsman
  • Adjunct Professor or Lecturer

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