MNv Spoken Progression Stages

Some martial arts teach technique in progressions, specifically a Three phase practice model. For instance, as I was taught, I teach aikido in stages:

  1. Kihon or basic
  2. Ki no nagare or flowing
  3. Ki musubi or tied-together/simultaneous

Similarly, Martial Nonviolence is studied in stages.

  1. Descriptive/Structural
  2. Drawn-out/Sustained
  3. Direct/Simple

An example script for a typical (pre-MNv) encounter in Descriptive mode:

1: "Accusation."
2: "Puzzled verification?"
1: "Indignant reassertion!"
2: "Hurt disbelief."
1: "Cynical suspicion?"
2: "Excessive denial!"
1: "Triumphant and definitive reassertion!"
2: "Offended reverse accusation!" (starting again)

1: "Puzzled verification?" (etc.)


An example script for a typical encounter in Drawn-out mode:

1: "This is all your fault."
2: "How could it be all my fault?"
1: "Because you knew it would happen!"
2: "How could you believe I'd continue if I knew?"
1: "Are you just trying to win back my trust so you can do it again?"
2: "I would never have done it in the first place!"
1: "You wouldn't be so upset if I weren't right!"
2: "I can't believe you are doing this to us!"

1: "Oh, so it's MY fault?"



An example script for a typical encounter in Decisive mode:

1: "This is all your fault."
2: "You began it."
1: "I'm leaving you."
2: "I've already had divorce papers drawn up."


Martial Nonviolence practices altering the patterns of communication at each level and stage, by isolating them, studying their typical application, and practicing/rehearsing many options to respond rather than react, noticing the consequences of each over time.

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