The Martial Nonviolence (MNv) Instructor Training Manual (ITM) includes the following articles:

  1. Introductory Theory and Expectations
  2. Preliminary Exercises
  3. Primary Exercises
  4. Elementary Exercises
  5. Secondary Exercises
  6. Undergraduate Exercises
  7. Graduate Exercises
  8. Advanced Exercises
  9. Stages, Testing, and Requirements
  10. Glossary of Terms
  11. Articles and Resources
  12. Debts of Gratitude

Please request assistance if you have permission and are not able to see the articles you need.

This is an ongoing research project in support of the continuing development of the Martial Nonviolence method. It is also the Instructor Training Manual because that is what being an MNv instructor signifies: co-creative participation in the community developing this method orginated by Brandon Williamscraig and deployed as Peace Practices by Association Building Community.