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Healing Friction is a method of designing conflict facilitation archetypally ("there will always be ______") by presupposing a world-view that is metashamanic, that ...
The Art of Getting Up Again
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"Peace is conflict done well."®


Healing Friction is a method of accessing conflict directly through the body (physical/psyche, politic, of knowledge) at work and at play to get at how wanting different things and being different people can work well in service to life and the building of community rather than poorly in service to domination and needless suffering. By this route a group begins to teach itself Associative Inquiry, how ideas and their consequences are related in the making of cultures, in order to see how they are not only separated but are also related through difference, in order to look for ways through turf wars and systems that are designed to make either victims or victors of everyone involved.


After coming to terms with the degree to which culture is now made as an artifact more than ever before, by early practitioners of the Process Arts, the next step is to characterize that making. From the basics of fiction and narrative (conflict drives plot) to the interplay of international diplomacy, or lack thereof, it is Friction that defines a given system. As tired fantasies of simplistic ways to deal with difficulty are fading into history, a new psychological mythology (fiction) of friction is emerging. Healing Friction is the peace-practice of group process design forming from this emergence.









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