Fauxs - The Rise of Fake People

Fauxs - The Rise of Fake People+image
I use the tag #fauxs for the fake human "influencers" being deployed as we speak to activate the parts of you keyed to respond to the opinion-making power of other humans, but without the inconvenience of any of the needs shared by actual humans which incline us toward being humane. They are artificial, but not productive of intelligence.

This is the door to the dystopian sci-fi soon-to-be reality (available on every screen around you) in which actual humans are reduced to irrelevance, the juice of life is electric and for sale at an increasing price, and attention is drawn only by habit to what is fake and flashing. Why would anyone want a shift that dramatically increases the influence of faux people, perhaps until they are the model of what everyone tries to be like?  Those are the very traits that [are] so attractive to companies: “They’re much easier to control...It’s a more efficient way of controlling the message" and, I would argue, "their target audiences."

"[Those] of sense often learn from their enemies. It is from their [fauxs], not their friends, that cities learn the lesson of building high walls and ships." - Aristophanes

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