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This is Brandon writing.


I am heartbroken to write that a matchless, beautiful spirit and determined colleague working for social justice has been murdered. According to,

"A couple found dead Wednesday evening in a Vancouver house died in a murder-suicide, according to the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office. Cheryl L. Honey, 57, was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest and left arm;, 51, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, according to results of autopsies performed by Clark County Medical Examiner, Dr. Dennis Wickham."

This is also to let the young people whom she loved dearly, Addie Sims, Emma Rose Sims, Nate Kangur, and Kristin Kangur, that they are held in prayer and supported, and that they may call out when they are in need and be heard, just like Cheryl listened to so many over her years of dedicated service.


I co-facilitated with Cheryl on several occasions, managed the Caring and Sharing group with her during the first Nexus for Change conference at Bowling Green U, and we got together when she came through the SF Bay Area. I will miss Skype and phone conversations with her, and most of all the tender warmth of her stories, her heart, and her innate and overflowing capacity to care deeply for and about everyone she touched.



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From LinkedIn: of Community Weaving Practices. Developed social networking technology to enable individuals to pool resources and grow their individual and community capacity in collaboration with Max Stalnaker, a VolunteerMatch volunteer. Train and implement Community Weaving practices in communities around the world to build and bridge social capital and reweave a new safetynet for society. Individuals from across diverse community sectors register as Good Neighbors and share resources and self-organize to address issues impacting their lives and serve others in the community to create a more caring, just and civil society.

Specialties:Specialize in capacity building, building and bridging social capital and civic engagement.




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REGINA HACKETT - Jefferson Award - Cheryl Honey A weaver of neighborhood networks

Jefferson Award, Cheryl Honey: A weaver of neighborhood networks



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Cheryl Honey graduates from Antioch 2004

Cheryl Honey graduates from Antioch 2004

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