Friends and Family Dear to Me,
       The Wheel of Life turns again, a kaleidoscope to share with you:

Vermont is beautiful.  Isaiah is teaching and Meghan is thoroughly immersed in mothering 4 ½ year old Val, a passionate worker and learner, and 17 month old Elijah, a fat-cheeked beauty and thoughtful stepper-out-into-the-world.

My brother Skipper and Linda, his wife of many years, have divorced and he is doing the hard work of forging new paths.

My beloved project, the 12 Hills Nature Center, had its inspiring trailhead of boulders and plants dedicated in June—a long awaited milestone.  Its landscape designer, Carolyn Perna (one of my moms) was honored with a full page in the national professional magazine, Landscape Architect & Specifier for her outstanding pro bono work.  We are now working on hedgerow habitats and removing invasive species – a metaphor for life.  My students are still and always my joy.

My sister Jan and her husband Floyd are still in Granbury and dealing courageously with health issues.

Brandon and Lisa are still in Berkeley and have the biggest and best news:  a baby is on the way!  Lisa’s Montessori classroom at the Renaissance School is thriving and we are already used to saying,  Dr. Brandon Williamscraig, as his PhD in Depth Psychology and Mythological Studies was awarded last May.  

He is working on his book The Myth of Peace, teaching aikido to many (including Golden Bears) and looking for a professorship.

Blessings and Challenges are wrapped and beribboned, piled up in our laps.  We explore and tear, thrilled and struck dumb—laughing and overwhelmed;  worked hard to assemble the profound toys that Love has given us.

May the shadows in your life reveal breathtaking truths.

                                 2010 wishes of Christmas love,

                                                 Paula, Ms.Paula, pcraig



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