International Aiki Peaceweek Classes with Brandon Williamscraig

What tools does aikido present to the practitioner which immediately lend themselves to practicing peace?

  • "Zen-like" regular practice of balance, breath, and beginners/receptive mind/spirit
  • Regular practice of a blending physical connection with self, other, and world (floor/ organization of space)
  • Omoto "aiki" ethics
  • Pragmatic Poetics: functional while non-literal images and themes which cross usual boundaries into other area of practice.

What tools are offered at Aikido of Berkeley, Free Aiki Dojo, and Golden Bears Aikido, in particular, which lend themselves to practicing peace?

  • Leadership Style (Kayla Sensei's spirit)
  • Three phase practice model
    • Kihon/Basic/Full stops/Self-balance and angle analysis/solid but helpful uke
    • Ki-no-nagare/Slowly in motion/no stops/Other-connection and continuity of connection/fluid but honest uke
    • Ki musubi/Woven into a moment/Now/whole system martial timing/challenging uke
  • Community: of understanding, potlucks and passages, mutual support practice, helpful challenge-level
  • Explicit expectation of "Conflict Done Well"
  • Takemusu: explicit encouragement of emergence, sylistic variation, and improvisation